Latham & Watkins Lunchtime Event: Legal Issues for Startups: Opportunities and Pitfalls

On October 7th, E&I Club hosted Alex Lazar and Mike Bookman from Latham & Watkins LLP for their second “Legal Issues for Startups: Opportunities and Pitfalls” lunchtime event. Whether you’re trying to construct your first cap table or aren’t sure where to incorporate, every entrepreneur needs a good legal team behind it. Which is where Latham & Watkins come in.

Over lunch, Alex and Mike covered the key legal issues that startups face to a full room of budding entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts:

  • Determining when and where to incorporate the startup
  • Identifying and protecting the startup’s intellectual property
  • Building and aligning the team with the startup’s objectives
  • Preserving the equity of the startup, including a discussion on vesting
  • Seeking (early stage) financing and understanding key tax and valuation considerations
  • Working with investors and advisors



Thank you again to Latham & Watkins LLC for supporting the E&I Club community!


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