E&I Club Officers Kickoff Party

E&I Club isn’t all work. When our officers aren’t launching companies, supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem or generally being awesome, we love to come together for cocktails and conversation. Cheers to an amazing team and thank you again for all your hard work! You are truly the heart and soul of the E&I Club:

  • Treks: VP: Evan Klein
    • Directors: Lisa Conn, Louis Coppey, Jessica Kaiser, Ron Marconet
  • Events:
    • Directors: Shai Ben Nun, Eileen Parra, Nick Del Vecchio, Bryan Halloy
  • Alumni & Startup Relations:
    • Directors: Ali Farahanchi, Ashley Fidel, Marie Chkaiban, Dennis Lally, Teddy Lee
  • Communications, Marketing, and Partnerships:
    • Directors: Nina Brentlinger, Noa Oron, Heitor Martins
  • Externships & Startup Recruitment: VP: Anesha Agarwal
    • Directors: Jillian Ardrey, Tad Rocha, Adam Mitchell, Swati Rao, Jennifer Lee, Lisa Tacoronte, Arturo Moreno


Supporting Sloanie Startup Guru Brad Feld

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