Silicon Valley Pitch Trek’s last stop: General Catalyst

Our last stop of the Trek was an icing on the cake. We felt very welcomed by Hemant Taneja (Managing Director), Katja Gagen (Vice President of Marketing), Steve Herrod (Managing Director), Prateek Alsi (Principal) and the whole General Catalyst team who received us on a happy hour.

Day 2 - GC HHDay 2 - GC HH2

Before the party started, nonetheless, we had entrepreneurs pitching, as well as Hemant Taneja, Prateek Alsi and Steve Herrod sharing a few thoughts about the “VC market” and the GC philosophy. They mentioned that VCs usually invest either in an ecosystem (of domain), or in great people and what moves them. The latter is more of their style. The GC team is very attentive to what caused the “genesis” of the companies. “We look for authentic stories,” noted Hemant Taneja.

And, as “it all comes down to people,” we will finish this year’s Silicon Valley Pitch Trek series of posts with what the GC team looks for in entrepreneurs:

– He/she is prepared to make hard decisions

– He/she has the complicity of the team

– He/she is resilient and has a good attitude

– He/she has a complementary team

Thank you very much to the General Catalyst team for having us in this last stop. It was helpful and fun! We hope to see you again next year!

Day 2 - GC

Written by Ana Avelar and Alessandra Henderson, Silicon Valley Pitch Trek team members

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