Hangin’ with Alex and Boris and FundersClub – and there was a lion!

On Tuesday, Oct.14, we continued our annual Silicon Valley Pitch Trek, where ten startups are selected from a pitch contest and taken to Silicon Valley to pitch to the top firms and get real, live feedback from potential investors and learn more about the different investment philosophies of these firms. We were lucky enough to have five incredible MIT Sloan entrepreneurs join us on a visit to FundersClub, the world’s first online venture capital firm. As entrepreneurs themselves, Alex Mittal and Boris Silver were able to give our entrepreneurs insightful feedback on their pitches and company concepts. funders club

For each potential start-up, FundersClub uses a panel of investors to determine the 2% of companies that will be presented to an exclusive group of Silicon Valley insiders. There are currently about 11,000 investors on the FundersClub platform, and they can opt in to deals that have been pre-screened by the panel of investors. Our pitchers got a taste of what it would be like to pitch to these entrepreneurs in the FundersClub office, and even got to pet the FundersClub mascot!

Thank you again to FundersClub for an inspiring meeting. We are looking forward to seeing Alex again at the MIT Venture Capital and Innovation Conference in December, where he will be speaking about the changing landscape of funding entrepreneurial ventures using platforms like his.

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