Top MIT Entrepreneurs Pitch to Andreessen Horowitz

This afternoon, MIT’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club had five top MIT start-ups pitch to Tom Rikert, Partner at Andreessen Horowitz.


Our founders presented a five-minute pitch on their early-stage start-ups in the Andreessen Horowitz conference room; the same room that Rikert’s venture deals normally take place. Rikert shared his experience with the founders and gave feedback and advice from his experience investing in Enterprise Applications and the Internet of Things. The following are the companies and MIT founders who presented:

Bluesmart – Brian Chen – The world’s first smart, connected carry-on.

Spoiler Alert – Ricky Ashenfelter – A food recovery and waste management platform to help business better manage excess, expiring, and spoiled food.

STREETDUST – Can Kisagun – An all in one dynamic travel community that brings you authentic urban stories.

Quad Supply – Dan Danay – A maritime drone delivery service.

TVISION INSIGHTS – Yanfeng Liu – Using the latest computer vision machine learning algorithm to capture more accurate TV ratings.

andreessen 2In addition to providing advice and feedback to the founders, Rikert shared the investment thesis of Andreessen Horowitz, explaining its focus on delivering on promises to entrepreneurs and differentiating themselves from other VCs in the Valley.

With a staff of 110 people, this top VC firm is dedicated to developing all aspects of their investments, from marketing to recruiting, and even corporate development. For this reason, Andreessen Horowitz is selective in their investment opportunities, with only 1% of pitches successfully receiving a term sheet.

The opportunity to pitch to this top VC firm has been invaluable for our founders. The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club thanks Andreessen Horowitz & Tom Rikert for their hospitality, time, and advice for our aspiring MIT students.

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