Confide – The ‘off-the-record’ mobile messenger


On Monday, April 8, the E&I Club and Tech club joined forces to host the leadership team at Confide. If you haven’t heard yet, Confide is an ‘off-the-record’ mobile messenger. They combine end-to-end encryption with disappearing messages to foster genuine and unfiltered online communication among professionals. They are referred as “One of the hottest start-ups in New York”, and quickly getting to the space in messaging industry. We had Jon Brod, Co-Founder & President, and Dan Sutera, Co-Founder & COO, visit us on April 8 when Confide app hit the 100 day mark! Jon and Dan demonstrated the functionality of Confide through a Trivia game, using Confide to submit answers of course, and gave out some awesome Confide swag and the self-proclaimed ‘best mug EVER.’

Dan & Jon both shared their founding stories, since both are serial entrepreneurs, and talked about the guiding vision for Confide, which is to change the landscape of professional communication. Unlike SnapChat or other ‘disappearing’ apps, Confide is focused on communication between business professionals and making written communication more like language so people can be honest and share sensitive information, such as feedback on a job candidate. They gave an example of sending e-mails to ask for someone’s feedback, and getting a highly filtered, politically correct response that wasn’t valuable as a feedback mechanism. Confide provides professional users the ability to be frank and candid in a non-traceable manner, so none of your comments will ever reach HR or someone whom they’re not intended for!

On asking Dan about what makes him excited about his company, he mentioned that “[enabling] a new form of human communication is a great thing. On asking the question about product localization, Jon mentioned that Confide is now available in 14 languages, but they are still figuring out the problem of capturing market share in certain countries. One of the interesting lessons from the first 100 days was that Confide is currently only offered for iOS (Apple Phones), and as a result, Confide missed many opportunities in countries like Spain, where a large portion of people use Android rather than iOS. Although Confide is a young company, and has grown to 100 countries in the first 100 days – an impressive accomplishment. When we asked Jon how many active monthly active users are on Confide, Jon laughed and said, “Good try but there’s no way I’ll tell you!”

At the end, Jon congratulated Snapchat for bringing the trend of ephemerelity to the industry, which is also helping their company grow. In particular, Jon mentioned, “ Snapchat did a good job, in creating the user behavior.“We look forward to seeing what the Confide team does in the future!Thank you to Jon and Dan for coming all the way from NYC to visit our campus and meet with our students!

Check out Confide at




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